Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clay Creations this week

Second Grade's Empty Bowl Project. Stamped pinch pots with coil added for a foot. Next week students and staff are welcome to purchase home made pottery with can foods. All food donations will be given to local food bank. Each student made two small pots.

First Grade Jim Dine Hearts. February lesson

I drew a heart on a sheets of card stock, copied on copier for a class set, and elaminated them. Students rolled long coil and layed it down on heart outline. Then they rolled balls of clay and put them inside of heart. After it was all full they smoothed the heart together, balls and coil. Then they wrote their name on this side,and poked a hole through top with a needle tool. Because the sheet is plastic it will hopfully peel off clay heart. Then to daa the front of the heart is shown. This texture is great. Do not let the student smooth that together. Some will try. I added raffia through hole for a nice touch.

Third Grade clay animal bowls. Students made a pinch pot and scored and slipped animal parts on.

Fifth Grade Goblets. Students made a pinch pots. Then created a coil foot, with coil embellishments on top. Full lesson:

These are some embellisments that I made for the top and sides of globet, for examples.

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