Monday, October 22, 2012

5th Grade Zentangles


 I'm back. It has been along time since I have posted anything. We are working like crazy in the art room, but there hasn't been any time to sit and post something new. I am so tired when I come home and school is the last thing from my mind. How many of you can relate?

Anyway this lesson is great. Thanks Art Moments for the inspiration.
This is 5th grade's Art To Remember lesson. The student's loved, loved doing this. There is tons of information out there about zentangles. Show much fun information to teach and show.
I will say that I started the lesson showing the students a short video on U Tube (see below), to get them inspired. These patterns were done with a fine sharpie and an ultra fine sharpie. I would defiantly suggest using both for contrast.
Borders were added last. They are truly original!