Friday, May 16, 2014

Literacy in Art

Since I have been back I have really been focusing in my younger grades, literacy. Student's love to listen to stories and create a work about it. In the second grade classrooms they have been learning about how to positively effect an environment. Mrs. Rumphis is such a great story to illustrate that. I saw this lesson on again Fine Lines blogspot. You can find her lesson here.

This was a two day lesson for us. here are some of our examples.

Kindergarten: If the Dinosaurs Came Back to my Town
Where I found this idea.

First Grade: Arlo Needs Glasses. One day Art Lesson. Found this idea here
This past week several first graders in my class wear glasses, so they thought this lesson was so cool. Just like the story says, Glasses Rock!

This is a lesson I am also doing with Second after Mrs. Rumphis. From the book "The Tree Lady". Their classes are starting a unit with the book next week. I love how it can all connect. 

 and just one example. I will post more later.
I got this idea from here

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gesture Drawing and Foil Figures

This year I have one 60 minutes class per week with a class. This is just the perfect amount of time to do my gesture/movement lesson. I have taught gesture drawing lessons for a while. You can find an older post here.

However last year I started foil figures. I got the lesson from a wonderful site, one my favorites. Check it out here. 

In 60 minutes this is what we do:
A short discussion of gesture drawing, examples.
I place one mannequin on each table. Students this year have been using charcoal, which they love, and news print.
I give them 1.5 minutes to loosely sketch one mannequin at a time. When time is up, they move clock wise to the next table. There are a total of 7 tables.
I encourage the students to draw loosely, over lap run off the paper, change sizes, but fit them all on.
The last gesture is of me, in a 2 minute pose or another student. This photo is old, taken years ago! But you get the point.

So total of 8 gestures. Then they are to chose one from their sketch to make a foil figure. The above website will show you how to cut your foil. I would suggest playing around with it, before you teach. Foil can be very tricky. I just use the heavy duty from the grocery store. 

I have a stock of thin cardboard. They are to trace the figure in sharpie on board and color in with sharpie to give look at shadow. This part totally makes the project. I heat my glue gun up and I glue the figures down. This takes all of 60 minutes, any less it will not work unless you limit the gestures to less than 8. I usually keep in a few in the art room and display case for display purposes, if not they go home that day with the gesture drawing as well. Awesome! Make and take!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Color Wheel Cows-Third

I just finished all color wheel cows with all my third grade classes. This by far is one of my most successful art lessons. Students just love to experiment with color. I enjoy hearing them think out loud "okay blue and yellow make green...and if I add more yellow it will make yellow green". I also have found a lot of color smart board activities, so I like to incorporate those before we get started.

The lesson for this project is here. These are some final results from this year. Super cute and colorful! This year  I let them use all the primaries in their background how ever they wish. The could mix, keep separate, use one only, etc. I love the eyes! I emphasize big shapes, fill up your space, leave little background, BIG is BETTER!

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Favorite fifth grade project!- Mrs. Trammell's Class

Today was the last day I have with a particular fifth grade class. With the exception of our foil figures (which went home yesterday) they are taking home all of their 2-D art projects today. I was out most of the year and unfortunately most of these lesson were done with a sub, but planned by me.

I went around the room and took a photo of each of their favorites ( a few I think I missed :( ). I showed them on the smart board how they could find my blog and their favorites. They just think it is so cool to have their art on line! I think this class had fun this week. The first of the week was rocky but it just got better and better.

Magritte Style Portrait

Lego Me done with sub


Tune of paint on her face! Love it. This student was one who came up to me and told me how much fun she had in art this week. Made my day!

Tissue paper background

Op art Hand

This was student was so proud of her art work, simply because it didn't look girly. She loved too everything we did this week. She a has a super attitude. 

Lego Portrait

Lego Portrait

Sandcastle, beach portrait

Love this idea! Very St. Patricks Day

This look like me usually with paint on my face. 

Kindergarten Pattern Zebras

This is one of my favorite lessons of the year. I got the idea from artsonia. I have created my own template of shapes the students cut out to create the shape of the zebra, except the head.  I pre cut those out of colored construction paper. This lesson requires some work before hand. Such as precutting shapes for head, stripes in two sizes for body and legs and yarn for mane and tail. My classes our 50 minutes, so it took two days. The first day we talk about pattern, I read them a book and we do a smart board activity together on simple patterns, Ab, ABC, AAB, ABB, etc. We used small beads for nostrils, for more of a mixed media look.