Monday, July 15, 2013

Adaptive Art: Clay Wind Chimes

 I found a lesson in an art book on how to create clay wind chimes. The lesson was about pressing found objects into the clay to create texture prints. I wanted my Lifeskills class to make these, but I wanted these to be apart of themselves. Almost like the Kindergarten clay pendants are, with the student's pressing their shoe print into the clay. 

So therefore we used their wheelchairs for the printing. Myself and their teachers pressed the clay onto the wheels and anything else we could find on the chair that we thought would print, and also printed their shoes.  One teacher assistant actually printed a student's fingers into the clay. We also used objects and with hand over hand pressed designs into the clay. 

I think they turned out beautiful! I was very proud of these and excited when they took them home to share with their families. 

The clay is white and was fires at cone 04. Myself and teacher helpers glazed with a low fire glaze with one good coat, and with a wet sponge wiped surface off to give a nice contrast. Textures really popped! I glazed fired at cone 05. 

Thick jute cord was used to connect all clay pieces. 

 Great tire print

 I hung all up in the display case at school with photos of what we did. 

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