Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Leaf Prints/Bulletin board

This is a very successful art lesson. I know most of us have tried it, or do it already. I did it last year with third grade and found it too easy for them, so this year tried it with first grade. We did it in one class period which is a bonus for me since time is an issue for me with my schedule.

I only used 12x9 size paper this year, which I think made it possible for the students to finish quickly. Another new try this year was using a brayer instead of painting this leaves white.

Here is a quick list of materials and directions:

12x9 black construction paper

different size leaves (i found the maple leaves to be the best)


white tempera paint


red, yellow, and orange paint

1.roll the backside of the leaf (which all the veins and texture are) with white paint until it is covered.

2. print on black paper once or twice. sometimes the students were able to print twice to make a "ghost print"

3. encourage to print off the paper to add creativity.

4. print leaf many times.

5. with sponges print fall colors for background.

I hung these throughout the school. this bulletin board is a small on outside my room. The "printed" turkey makes a cute addition.

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