Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slab Boxes

These Clay boxes were spectacular. My only regret was to not take more example photos. This lesson was awesome because it covered so many clay concepts such as

  • slab building

  • scoring

  • slipping

  • glazing

I did this lesson in three classes. Two were for building and the other for glazing.


  • Masonite boar

  • Slab sticks

  • needle tool

  • slab roller

  • Jar of slip

  • Clay

  • glaze ( I used speed ball low fire glazes)

  • optional: square template
Excellent photo showing how to score. This slab for the bottom of the box was measured and cut first.

I reminded the students the three basic "S" rule when building with clay. 1) score 2) slip and 3) smush together.

After the walls of the box were put together seams of slab were to be smoothed.

Measuring additional slab for lid

Students were challenged to come up with an interesting handle for their box.

I seperated boxes from lids with paper towels until they were bone dry.

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