Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Planning Book

It is so hard to find the perfect art planning book with my crazy schedule. So for the past two years I have made one. My fellow art teacher, Martha, actually gave me the idea. If your school has a book maker, Docubind, you are in luck.

  • I used a 12x18 piece of white copy paper and design what each week looked like. I did not include teachers names, nor dates. I usually just write those in. they change after each nine weeks for me.

  • I design this with pencil first and then sharpie.

  • Then I get copies made in the office

  • see below

Then cut 2 sheets of poster board little bigger (13x19)for front and back cover

  • This is our book maker.

  • You will need a plastic spiral thing, that will bind your book. That fits in the top and with lever on left pull down to open spiral up.

With scrap paper I check to see wear the holes will be punched out. The long lever on right does this. It usually takes several tries to get the holes in just the right place, the middle not to far on one side. This machine is used alot by other teachers for different size projects. Practice first.
Practice paper. Holes just in the right spot.

Put your plan book pages in docubinder and punch holes. Not to many in at one time. It took me three times for 40 pages.

  • Place cover, then pages, and other cover in spiral.

  • Pull left lever to close spiral

  • decorate cover and make it your own.

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