Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tint and Shade with a Cherry on Top

I have to admit that I am a big "borrower" of art lessons and yes bulletin boards. This particular art lesson I started last year with first grade, and made some minor changes for this year. Last year I first saw this lesson on This year I found a blog, and I can't remember which one, with a cute bulletin board of these. So I am borrowing this cute title..tint and shade with a cherry on top. Hopefully I can find this blog again so I can add that to this post.

This is a great two day project. We discussed value, tint, shade, and value scale. Each table had a different color (2 palettes one for tint and one for shade) and they worked together mixing.

I had paper cut and folded into four sections. The top was for the original color and two for tint and one for shade. They cut out a triangle from a template and painted that the darkest shade. Some classes did brown cones instead of color cones.

The last day they cut out their scoops with a template that I had made and glued on top of their cone to make a value scale. The lightest tint on top. Then they decorated their ice cream cone with a cherry (pom pom) and sequins for the sprinkles. We also drew black lines on the cones to look more realistic.

This nine weeks when I do this project again with the other set of first graders. I think we will make more scoops (values) to make these taller, with a brown cone. Ill post results later.

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