Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kindergarten's Cool Jellies!

In Kindergarten we are learning all about color.
We have already discussed warm colors with  our scribble sun  lesson and I wanted to do a lesson on cool colors as well. I found this lesson on Pinterest, from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists blog. This lesson took three class times. I really wanted it to take two but it was just too much. I decided to let my time line go and just let the kids take their time with cutting and punching holes. It was worth the wait.

First Day
Discussion of cool colors, what they are, what that means, and examples on works of art.
Cool wavy painted lines

Second Day: Book
"I'm the best artist in the Ocean" by Kevin Scherry
cut semi oval for jelly fish body and use scrapbook scissors and hole punchers for legs/glue on paintings. This took forever! Kids had difficult time with punchers but got the hang of it. They rallied through it!  This part carried us into the next class time.

Third Day:
Smart board activity. Where kids had to sort and drag colors into warm and cool groups.
Finish up legs, the more the better. Eyes with white pre cut circles (i made from my cricut) and hole punched eye balls. A mouth, name in back ground and stamped light blue bubbles from the top of a cup. 
As you can see some of these are without a mouth! One or two classes I just ran out of time at the end of class and we left them so. No problem...still super cute. 

This one looks as if he is floating!

One of my favorites. This one is hung outside my class room  door in a frame. 

Scrap book scissors and hole punchers! This little girl below is actually cutting a zig zag on her own! You go girl!

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