Sunday, July 14, 2013

QR Me!

 This year I did a technology project with one fifth grade class that was participating in pilot program with Chrome Books. This particular class had books for everyone in the class to use all year long. each student had their very own Weebly site where they upload classroom projects, pictures etc. 

 I became very interested in creating an art lesson using QR codes, and asked my technology facilitator to help me out. 
Day 1: Was to take photos using IPads of all their art projects that they had finished so far. I borrowed eight IPads from the lab and each table shared one. They immediately emailed these photos to themselves (each student also has an email address) This took the entire class
Day 2: Students brought in their Chrome Books and students (under instruction from our tech facilitator) was to create an art page on their Weebly site. They could call it anything, "My Art", "Art By Me", "My Art Portfolio", etc. Their choice. Next they uploaded their photos on to their sites on this art page. This took entire class. 
 Artist Statement. using Chrome Books again, they were to also include an artist statement on their art page. I had instructions on board on how to do so. See below for instructions. This took forever!
Day 4: Finish artist statement and create an QR code. We used a free website for this. They basically cut and pasted their URL and a code was generated for them. I later printed these for the following week. 
Day 5: Self portrait. I did a real quick lesson on bodies and figure drawing and student drew themselves with the code as their heads. They could either use crayons, markers, or colored pencils for color. They were to be cut out by end of class. A lot had to stay over time and finish. 
I took these home and literally scanned these on my IPhone and a free barcode app and graded on back. About 4 out of class never worked out (they did not copy and paste the correct URL when created the code) 
Nevertheless I hung all up and the staff and students had a kick out of looking at them. A few staff members and parents scanned to see what they were all about. I wish with time and resources I would have picked some classes and checked out the IPads for a little field trip down the halls. But I ran out of time. Next time I will!

 Artist Statement instructions
 Reflection: Of course I learned a lot about this lesson. It was hard. We ran into a lot of issues, ex. two students were mainstreamed in that class and did not have Chrome Books. So they took their photos and I uploaded those onto my school website. Their QR was directed to my site where I uploaded their photos.
 I hope next year to do this again, but to make it easier just create a code their weebly site and skip the art page and art photos. Just create the QR code in art class and portrait?????

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