Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cityscapes: Based on Tar Beach

In first grade one of our art essentials is to be able to distinguish landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, and stilllifes. 

I started the lesson off with a short art assessment to see how much they knew about each term. 
This year I plan on really focusing on just these concepts, and for each first grade student to create a work of art of each. I only see my classes four weeks out of the school year, so hopefully we can get through each type of art. 

With this Cityscape lesson I chose the book Tar Beach and actually showed it on my smart board from this link

Bridges were drawn first with metallic markers, then Borders were made next with precut scrap paper squares and glue sticks. I encourage the students to cut the square in half vertically to make two triangles. 

The next day they made buildings out of construction paper and cut small squares for the windows. 
They cut shapes out of extra paper for decorations for the top of their buildings. 
As they worked on this I took their photo flying which was added last. 

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