Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pinch Pot Birds and Mixed Media Fish

Both of these lessons were displayed together in our display case at school. It was only fitting to share them together. 

The birds were made by third graders. The clay is cone 06 white stoneware. Students first created pinch pots and scored and slipped parts on to make birds. Holes were added for legs. After they were fired in kiln students glazed at then were fired I think at a cone 05. 

Legs were made with art wire I ordered from Sax catalog. It was pricey, so really pipe cleaners would have done the trick too. I just really wanted the legs to dangle and beads move more. 

This particular class made clay feet, which were glazed too. The other classes just used beads for the feet. Reason being, the feet broke , or they just simply forgot and also they fought over them because therewas no way to put names on the back (even with all my attends to keep them with the birds) The clay feet probably look better, but for my sanity I took that part out of the lesson. 

These were adored by the students and everyone who saw them in the display case. 

This lesson has been done several different ways. I got the idea off Pinterest. 
These super cute fobs were done by my adaptive kids, the autistic class and the lifeskills class. I cut the fish out of cardboard. They painted with tempera, stamped with circle sponges. Eventually used some of that great wire and beads for a mixed media look. Of course pipe cleaners glued in the top where the cardboard is corragted. 

Both lessons and several other things I placed in their made a great spring/summer display. 

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