Monday, October 17, 2011

One Point Perspective Interiors

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video from U tube on one point perspective. This is the lesson that went along with the video. It was one of the hardest things I've taught but I think the students really enjoyed its complexity. Most of the results were great like the ones posted. Excellent lesson on space and how to draw a three dimensional space on a two dimensional sheet of paper. I showed the classed "School of Athens" for an example of one point perspective.

After we watched the video I used my document camera and step by step we did the directions from the video. Using a direction point (vanishing point) the rooms were set up. This took two days. The first day, after the video, we drew the back wall, two side walls, floor and ceiling. We also added two doors, windows, and frames, etc on the wall.

The next week we added details to the floor and lights on the ceiling. Then it was traced in sharpie. The creativity came next. Students needed to decide what kind of room they wanted to create using details inside the frames, outside the windows, textures on ceiling, walls, what was on the back wall. I did show the classes how to write a word or their name on the wall in perspective. All this was also drawn in sharpie.

The third day on a separate paper they drew a self portrait from elbows up with sharpie and colored it in with crayon, colored pencils. A large size was needed because we were to be the biggest part in our room because we were in the foreground.

The last day the rooms were colored in with crayons and colored pencils and self portraits were glued in the foreground.

Furniture was not added except if it were on the back wall.

This project took about any where from 4-6 class times to finish. Some students still need to finish, but will have to make it up later. We have already moved on to our NC lighthouse collages.

I got this idea from another art teacher on her blog, but can not remember what site.

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  1. Great results! Maybe it was my blog where you found it, did the same in my class.