Thursday, October 20, 2011

Roy G Biv, Roller Coasters and Shapes

These are a few art lessons we have done this nine weeks in Kindergarten. All have been successful.

Lesson: Roy G Biv
  • Student's will learn about the spectrum colors (rainbow) and their order.
  • student's will each create their own ROY G BIV.
  • Student's will understand and Follow a step by step presentation of the activity using the document camera.
  • They will use art tools safely and appropriately. Scissors and glue (just a dot not a lot)
  • Learn how to carry their art work to drying rack.
  • 12x18 white paper
  • tan paper with circle traced on it
  • Strips of spectrum colors
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ROY G BIV name tags
  • CD by Greg percy "ROY G BIV"
  • Markers
This is a one day lesson. My class time is 40 minutes. I am booking it to get finished. I thought about taking the song out, but it is so cute. A great way to teach a concept!
  1. Introduce colors in the rainbow and ROY G BIV. Explain the he lives in a rainbow and sometimes we see him in our and other works of art.
  2. Sing song by Greg Percy "ROY G BIV"
  3. Demonstrate how cut circle from tan paper and where to glue it on white paper. Also demonstrate where to glue his ears.
  4. Discuss the order of the spectrum colors and demonstrate how to glue to rainbow colors as his hair.
  5. name tag goes at bottom or somewhere
  6. Demonstrate how to draw his face with a great big smile!
Closure: review names of spectrum colors.

The Roy G Biv lesson above I borrowed from a kindergarten teachers blog. I did this lesson after the roller coaster and shape lesson. Super cute.

This roller coaster lesson is an all time must for kindergarten. I've been doing this for years. This is usually my third lesson with kindergarten, after an introduction to line. It is a great lesson to teach how to open, use and close a glue bottle. The total lesson can be found in last years post.

"Castle and Sun' This lesson came after the roller coaster lesson. I wanted to continue with using the glue bottle and introduce cutting in art. I showed the students Paul Klee's "Castle and Sun" and we discussed the shapes he used in his castle.

I had rectangles, squares, triangles pre cut for them to sort through and build their own castle. Building from the bottom up was a hard concept for most. They orignally wanted to slap shapes on their paper just anywhere. I had to really encourage them to build.

The last thing they did was cut a circle drawn for them on an orange sheet of paper. I walked around the room and really just watched who could cut.

I really need to post more of these. I was really inpressed with alot.

I am going to do this lesson next nine weeks again with my other set of Kindergarteners and may chose a different color background and incorporate some different kinds of paper. ie scrap book, painted paper, etc.

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  1. Hi There-

    Neat idea-I love the "ROY G BIV" song...I'd love to came play it for you live at your school...


    Greg Percy