Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Framed Self Portraits

 This lesson was inspired from one of my favorite blogs, Panther's Palette. Here is the link to this lesson on that site.

We discussed self portraits, and that we were going to learn how to create a realistic self portrait of ourselves. I used my document camera and we did this lesson together. I showed them all my "tricks" on how to draw facial features, and how make the portraits proportional. I think they turned out great.

Super cute story. At the end of one class's drawing lesson, a little boy raised his hand and said "Mrs. Murphy it looks (and pointed to his art work) like a real boy!" He got it!! This just made my entire year and made me smile so much my face hurt. Needless to say I have included that story in every portrait lesson I've taught since, and will probably always will.
 I put these up on on a small bulletin board outside my art room. Simple but says it all. Be yourself. An original is always worth more than a copy.
 These paper frames were precut by me, and student's used silver paint to add swirlys and wavys (lines) to embellish it.

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