Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer/Father's Day Shirts

I did this lesson last year. I of course can not take the credit. I'm sure I borrowed it from someone. This is a great one day project for the end of year or for father's day.

Each student needs:
12x18 and 9x12 white paper (for big shirts) I'm sure you can use something smaller
Marker, crayons

First they folded their large paper in half long ways, then a slit at top and fold back to create a collar. For the smaller paper fold in half and cut to make sleeves.
My directions were they had to create three different shapes. One large shape, one medium and one small. These were to repeated and colored in on large and small paper. They were to also draw a line on fold down middle of shirt and glue a few buttons on. Sleeves were glued last.

These photos were from last year. I hope to redo this lesson again with second grade, however 3-5 could do this as well. Younger students I would precut the pieces and let the student's decorate.

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