Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mixed Media Owls-Second Grade

This lesson was done with my Second Grade classes in September. I usually read the book "Little White Owl"
Little White Owl

This a wonderful story about being unique and accepting others no matter their differences. I like to start the year off with this story and I save it for second grade. Each year I try a different owl lesson. This time we used different materials and made a collage.

I always review lines with my first lesson, k-2. We reviewed lines and how they could be used to create a pattern to decorate our owls. This was done with oil pastels and water colors.

Next class time the owls were cut out, and collage was discussed. We used different materials for the background such as brown bag paper, tin foil, poster board, oil pastel, and black constrution paper.

The owl was glued last.

These look grade in our school hallways. I love the size of the owls, and the contrast of the bright watercolors,  dark background and shiny foil.

I beleive students enjoyed using different materials with the lesson, and understood a mixed media process.

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