Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aztecs Suns-Art to Remember

Every year our school participates in an Art Fundraiser so I can have money to purchase much needed supplies for over 1,000+. We've been back in forth between Art by Me and Art to Remember. Both similar have same programs with similar concepts.
Sometimes lessons are successful and sometimes not. I am always searching for a really great idea I can use for a meaningful lesson. This lesson I actually saw on another blog, and I thought it fitted in perfectly with the third grade curriculum. How can a culture influence the history of Art?
The Aztecs did just that with their ancient Sun stone hundreds of years ago. This idea of putting a face on a sun design, work of art has been going on ever since.
This project took about three class times. Why? I don't know. The students just took forever coloring. We did spend some time the first day looking at the Aztec Sun Stone on the Smart board and learning about these nomadic people.
Warm and Cool colors were reviewed and used as color schemes.

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