Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clay Tropical Fish

This lesson was inspired from a piece of pottery in our school counselor's office. I just loved it so and developed a lesson for it. My fifth graders really enjoyed the process, especially the results.

Student's rolled a slab and wrapped it around a roll of newspaper (which I later took out. Some newspaper wouldn't come out so I let it burn in the kiln) . They scored and slipped the slab together. Using scrap clay they made pieces for their fish, such as eyes, fins, flippers, tails, and even tongues. These were also scored and slipped on.

Clay fish were glazed with Speed Ball glazes, using different colors. Some printed with q-tips to give their fish polka dots. These just make me think of the beach!

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  1. Very cool clay fish! I have been teaching art for 36 years and I have never heard of Speedball glaze. Go figure!