Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kindergarten Flower Prints

This is great one day project for Kindergarteners. I got this idea from http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/ With this lesson we discuss what a still life is. I show them Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers and we talk about how he uses his flowers to fill up the space. He has tall flowers, big flowers, flowers that overlap and that are different sizes, and flowers that go in different directions. Student's always mention the flower bud that droops down.

Next I pass out a 6x4.5 inch piece of construction paper to everyone. I give them random colors. They never complain what color they get it, lets face it Kinders just are happy to get to create something. They fold the paper in half and cut an interesting line up to make a symmetrical vase. They love this!! After it is cut out then they glue the vase at the bottom of a 12x18 sheet of white drawing paper.

I wanted to share with you how I use paints with my younger classes. I have an empty table up front next to my technology chart. With masking tape I tape a line around the table. I then place my paint containers with paintbrushes inside around the tape. I demonstrate that students can use one color at a time to take back to their seats, and when they are finished they are to put the paint back behind the "MAGIC LINE". I explain that it is so magical because if their paint is put behind it wont fall off the table and others can pick it up safely. Students are not to take colors from others, but are to only pick them up from the table. This idea has worked perfectly for 10 years.

Next student are to paint four circles (different sizes)above their vase. On their table I have sponges cut up for PRINTING the petals. These are cut in rectangles, squares, circle, traingles, tear drop,etc.

Students are to print around the circles with the sponges, one color at a time. Then with a another color paint a different sponge and print another flower. Soon the flowers will start overlapping, which makes the still life Gorgeous!

You are probably thinking. Won't the sponges get painted with different colors? Yes they will, which actually mixes the paint alittle and works just fine.

Also these classes needed not to even add stems. The flowers overlapped enough.

At the end of class students write their name in the vase just like Vincent did himself.

Happy printing!

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