Monday, May 2, 2011

Bird Collage

This project was OUT OF SIGHT! By far one of my favorites this year. I got the idea from However I made this lesson a little different by using phone book paper.

I began the lesson by showing the print "Musical Forms" by Georges Braque. Students identified objects in collage and guessed what kinds of materials he used to make his shapes. We discussed what a collage is and the word comes from the french word "Coller" which means to paste. I found the below quote on liked it

"Collage artists make use of the standard materials such as magazine pictures, photographs, or stylish paper"

First Day:

each table received several sheet of 9x12 sheets of construction paper to decorate with paint. They used stamps, brushes and paint scrapers to do this. Painting were left to dry for thefollowing week. This will be our "stylish" paper to later make our collages.

Second Day:

sing phone book paper using created and glued a diagonal branch that went across a sheet of either light blue or light green 12x9 construction paper. The more branches the better

If their was time they could start their birds body. I made templates for this.

Third day:

We discussed all the shapes they could use for the birds body. I had these shapes drawn on the board. These shapes students had to draw and cut out themselves, no templates.

I had some google eyes that looked great on the birds head.

On the branch they cut out leaves from greenish "painted paper" and berries from other colorful paper.

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  1. Love this! I really want to try it but I have got to get past end of grade tests and see how much time I will have to do the project.