Tuesday, May 17, 2011

North Carolina Lighthouses

In Fourth Grade student's study North Carolina Lighthouses. This project has been one of my favorites. The results were awesome. I was so proud of my student's creativity.

We began the lesson by looking at a power point that showed photographs of the lighthouses as well as paintings, drawings etc by various artists. The power point also discussed the history, location, attributes of each lighthouse.

Deep Space Sparkle's Lesson "Maud Lewis Mixed Media Collage" was really the inspiration for this lesson. http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/2009/10/maud-lewis-lighthouse-mix-media/

I really enjoyed reading about Maud Lewis and looking at her art work on line. "Her vibrant, child-like art is not only full of joy but many of her pieces are inspired by the rugged, yet tranquil beauty of Nova Scotia, Canada" Deep Space Sparkle.

She suffered from Rhumatoid Arthritis most of her life, which left her hands crippled. She was limited with the use of her hands and also was very poor. Maud over came this disadvantages and became one of the most beloved Folk artist in Canada. Her story and paintings are very inspiring.

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