Friday, January 11, 2013

Tree of Life-Second Grade Art Lessons

 In Second grade I have always taught a lesson inspired by Gustav Klimt's work. Students learn about the life and work of the artists. We discuss his works, such as The Baby, Tree of Life, The Kiss, Adele Bloch Bower (compare and contrast both of her paintings. Usually we do a lesson on The Baby. However this year I wanted to tackle the painting Tree of Life. 
Because I have two schedules of second grade, one group first nine weeks and the other second nine weeks, I did two different lessons.
The above lesson was inspired for me by another blogger. Her examples were beautiful. I just couldn't resist trying it out.
The other lesson below was an idea I put together myself. The background was created with watercolor. 
1. Mixing and making all color families. 2. Black tempera tree with famous Klimt swirls. 3. tropical birds and repeated gold and shiny sequins.
I'm not sure which I like the best. Both really. However I do feel that all students were successful with second lesson. It was simple and didn't require the painting of shapes and dots. 
Which do you think?

Wow what a colorful perched bird.

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