Friday, May 9, 2014

My Favorite fifth grade project!- Mrs. Trammell's Class

Today was the last day I have with a particular fifth grade class. With the exception of our foil figures (which went home yesterday) they are taking home all of their 2-D art projects today. I was out most of the year and unfortunately most of these lesson were done with a sub, but planned by me.

I went around the room and took a photo of each of their favorites ( a few I think I missed :( ). I showed them on the smart board how they could find my blog and their favorites. They just think it is so cool to have their art on line! I think this class had fun this week. The first of the week was rocky but it just got better and better.

Magritte Style Portrait

Lego Me done with sub


Tune of paint on her face! Love it. This student was one who came up to me and told me how much fun she had in art this week. Made my day!

Tissue paper background

Op art Hand

This was student was so proud of her art work, simply because it didn't look girly. She loved too everything we did this week. She a has a super attitude. 

Lego Portrait

Lego Portrait

Sandcastle, beach portrait

Love this idea! Very St. Patricks Day

This look like me usually with paint on my face. 

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