Friday, May 16, 2014

Literacy in Art

Since I have been back I have really been focusing in my younger grades, literacy. Student's love to listen to stories and create a work about it. In the second grade classrooms they have been learning about how to positively effect an environment. Mrs. Rumphis is such a great story to illustrate that. I saw this lesson on again Fine Lines blogspot. You can find her lesson here.

This was a two day lesson for us. here are some of our examples.

Kindergarten: If the Dinosaurs Came Back to my Town
Where I found this idea.

First Grade: Arlo Needs Glasses. One day Art Lesson. Found this idea here
This past week several first graders in my class wear glasses, so they thought this lesson was so cool. Just like the story says, Glasses Rock!

This is a lesson I am also doing with Second after Mrs. Rumphis. From the book "The Tree Lady". Their classes are starting a unit with the book next week. I love how it can all connect. 

 and just one example. I will post more later.
I got this idea from here

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